Pastor's Corner

March 2017


West Valley Website Pastor’s Corner

Now that our website it up and running, it’s time to create a new segment we call the Pastor’s Corner.  This will be updated with new copy from time to time and will provide an opportunity for the pastor to communicate with readers of the website.

This month’s update will feature our annual narrative financial report to the congregation.  

Late in 2015, the Grace Communion International Church Administration Department asked my wife and me if we would interrupt our retirement while a congregational search was underway for a new full-time pastor.  The plan was to serve about six months.  We are now passing through 16 months while the search goes on! Now on to the finances:   

The financial stability of the congregation remains strong and healthy.  On April 9, 2016, Robert Meade from our denominational headquarters conducted a review of the congregation’s financial records. He was complimentary of the financial management of the congregation and only had three recommendations for improvement.  They will be implemented in 2017. In December, congregational treasurer, Vance Gilless, provided a complete financial analysis to the Leadership Team for the calendar year 2016.  He also proposed a budget for 2017.

The operation budget for 2016 was projected at $177,000.  Expenses were just over that amount.  However, actual income exceeded $185,000 providing more than $7,000 for the reserve fund as we begin 2017.

Major expenses for the year included administrative costs for pastoral salary and benefits, hall rental and administrative costs – the total for these categories was $75,000.  The local church also provides an apportionment to the denominational headquarters in Glendora, California.  That apportionment in 2016 was $27,750.

Because we are a commuter church with members driving from every direction, we have not been able to participate in outreach opportunities surrounding our immediate church location. However, we are able to sponsor a number of mission and charitable programs.  Among them are:  Angel’s Way, $4,800; AidChild, $4,800; Bengali Evangelical Association, $2,400; Office of Reconciliation Ministry, $1,200; Connecting and Bonding, $1,200.  In addition we were able to contribute to the GCI Disaster Relief Fund to aid members in Louisiana after the severe flooding in that area. We also continue to fund our weekly after-church lunch service – a tradition for many years.  

We are ready to begin 2017 with enthusiasm.  Norva and I will continue to serve in pastoral ministry and will be working with our local Leadership Team and those who give sermons to help prepare for the future of our congregation.  

In Christ’s Service, 

Ron Kelly