West Valley COG Town Hall

05/01/2021     Wayne Mitchell

The Commission - Our Mission Continues

04/24/2021     Wayne Mitchell

The Humanity of Jesus

04/17/2021     Wayne Mitchell

A Woman, a Doubter, and a Coward

04/10/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Three Days That Changed the World

04/03/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Extravagant Act of Love and Worship

03/27/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Lifted Up

03/20/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Give, Glory, and Eternal Life

03/13/2021     Dan Rogers

The Cost of Discipleship

03/06/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Radical Inclusion

02/27/2021     Wayne Mitchell

We Need to See Jesus?

02/20/2021     Dan Rogers

Listen To Him!

02/13/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Eugene, OR January 31, 2021

02/06/2021     Tim Sitterly

Do You Have The Holy Spirit

01/30/2021     Dan Rogers

Christ: The Final Word

01/23/2021     Timothy Keller

The Gift of Being Known

01/16/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Biblically Thinking About Government

01/09/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Beautiful Diversity

01/02/2021     Wayne Mitchell

Holding on to Hope When Its Hard to Cope

12/26/2020     Wayne Mitchell

God With Us: Favor and Fear

12/19/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Restoration Begins Today

12/12/2020     Wayne Mitchell

December 5, 2020

12/05/2020     Wayne Mitchell

November 15, 2020

11/28/2020     Tim Sitterley

Words of Comfort

11/21/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Basis For Our Hope

11/07/2020     Wayne Mitchell

The Last Days are Here... Again!

10/31/2020     Wayne Mitchell

How the Spirit Convicts the World

10/24/2020     N. T. Wright

Four Greek Words for Love

10/17/2020     Randall Gordon

When Doing Changes Thinking

10/10/2020     Wayne Mitchell

The Self-Emptying Love of Christ

10/03/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Grasping Our Identity in Christ

09/26/2020     Wayne Mitchell

How God Became King

09/19/2020     N.T. Wright

Living Grace Fully

09/12/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Putting on the Lord

09/05/2020     Wayne Mitchell

True Discipleship - Loving as Jesus Loves

08/29/2020     Wayne Mitchell

A Living Sacrifice

08/22/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Faith - David and Goliath

08/15/2020     Dan Rogers

Our Gospel Rosetta Stone

08/08/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Compelled by Love

08/01/2020     Wayne Mitchell

All Things Together, For Good

07/25/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

07/18/2020     Wayne Mitchell

We the Uncondemned

07/11/2020     Wayne MItchell

Know Justice Know Peace

07/04/2020     Charles Taylor

Here I Am Lord

06/27/2020     Wayne Mitchell

A Biblical Response to Race

06/20/2020     Tony Evans

Breath of God

06/13/2020     Tim Sitterly

The End of the Line

06/06/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Pentecost Babel Undone

05/31/2020     Wayne Mitchell

The Importance of the Ascension

05/30/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Life of the Age to Come

05/23/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Proclaiming and Living By the Power of the Spirit

05/16/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Assurance For Troubled Hearts

05/09/2020     Wayne Mitchell

The Good Shepherd's Voice

05/02/2020     Wayne Mitchell

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

04/25/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Blessed Are Those Who Doubt

04/18/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Rising From the Depths

03/28/2020     Wayne Mitchell

You Will See (If You Believe)

03/07/2020     Carl Parker

How Love Works

02/29/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Jesus Is Lord

02/22/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Take a Deep Breath

02/15/2020     Wayne Mitchell

This Little Light of Mine

02/08/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Stumbling Block, Foolishness or the Power of God?

02/01/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Peaceful Diversity

01/25/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Quiet, Faithful Service

01/18/2020     Wayne Mitchell

The Baptism of Jesus

01/11/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Joyful Response to God's Abundant Blessings

01/04/2020     Wayne Mitchell

Never Alone

12/28/2019     Cornell Smith

Chosen To Participate

12/14/2019     Wayne Mitchell

The Voice of One Crying

12/07/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Whatever Shall We Wear

11/30/2019     Wayne Mitchell

What Kind of King

11/23/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Created For Relationship

11/16/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Stand Firm and See His Glory

11/09/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Transformed By Love

11/02/2019     Wayen Mitchell

Let This Mind Be In You

10/26/2019     Carlton Green

If Anyone Thirsts

10/19/2019     Tim Sitterley

The Mind of God

10/17/2019     Todd Perrine

Sharing in the Father's Joy

10/16/2019     Randall Gordon

Where Do We Draw the Line?

10/12/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Justice for All

10/09/2019     Russ Edwards

Don't Fret

10/05/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Heart Heaviness and Hope

09/30/2019     Rob Gordon

The Name Above All Names

09/28/2019     Carl Parker

Jesus is the Gospel

09/14/2019     Jeff McSwain

Knowing You, Jesus

07/13/2019     Wayne Mitchell

The Tale of Two Conversions

06/29/2019     Wayne Mitchell

The Perfect Father

06/15/2019     Wayne Mitchell

The Language of Love

06/09/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Everyone's Ultimate Choice

06/08/2019     Carl Parker

The Wavesheaf, Jesus Christ and the Resurrection

04/26/2019     Randall Gordon

The Betrayal

04/13/2019     Wayne Mitchell

The Christian Oxymoron

04/06/2019     Rob Gordon

Examining Ourselves

03/23/2019     Wayne Mitchell

With Hope

03/09/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Transfiguration: The Story Behind the Story

03/02/2019     Wayne Mitchell

What Do You Want Most in Life

02/23/2019     Carlton Green

A Call to Radical Discipleship

02/16/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Peter...The Rock?

02/09/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Jesus' Inaugural Address

02/02/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Foreigners Among Us

01/19/2019     Wayne Mitchell

Knowing You, Jesus

01/05/2019     Wayne Mitchell

The Most Boring Story in the Gospels

12/29/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Looking Unto Jesus

12/22/2018     Carl Parker

Aggressive Gratitude

12/15/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Don't Skimp on this Ingredient

11/24/2018     Rob Gordon

What Motivates Us?

11/10/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Rivers of Living Water

10/01/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Christian Freedom

09/29/2018     Todd Perrine

Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord, I Want to See You

09/26/2018     Carlton Green


09/19/2018     Wayne Mitchell

The Gift of Faith

09/15/2018     Carlton Green

The Joy of Lord, is Your Strength

08/18/2018     Carl Parker

United and Equipped for....pt2

08/11/2018     Wayne Mitchell

United & Equipped for...

08/04/2018     Wayne Mitchell

When the Impossible Becomes Possible

07/28/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Rest For All

07/21/2018     Wayne Mitchell

The Present and Future Kingdom

07/14/2018     Wayne Michell

The Gift of Unity

07/07/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Proclaim Freedom

06/30/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Falling Asleep

06/23/2018     Wayne Mitchell

The Message

06/09/2018     Ron Guizado

Eternal Life....When?

06/02/2018     Wayne Mitchell

When We See Jesus

05/26/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Partakers of the Divine Nature

05/19/2018     Rob Gordon

The God Who Sees Me

05/12/2018     Wayne Mitchell

How Do You Define Success (for Yourself) at This Stage in Your Life?

05/05/2018     Carlton Green

Four Pillars of the New Testament Church

04/28/2018     Wayne Mitchell

In Christ

04/14/2018     Wayne Mitchell

God Is A Word

04/07/2018     Wayne Mitchell

True Freedom

04/06/2018     Ron Guizado

God's Done Deal

03/24/2018     Carl Parker

Never Abandoned

03/17/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Who Or What?

02/03/2018     Wayne Mitchell

A Dream Worth Dreaming

01/13/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Life in the Spirit

01/06/2018     Wayne Mitchell

Truly a New Year

12/30/2017     Wayne Mitchell

The Incarnation: Real Event, Real People, Real Joy

12/23/2017     Ron Kelly

Joy In The Journey

12/16/2017     Wayne Mitchell

Jesus the Reason for Hope

12/02/2017     Wayne Mitchell

Receiving, Living and Sharing the Gospel

11/11/2017     Wayne Mitchell

Let's Talk Money

11/04/2017     Ron Kelly

Life Between the Two Trees

10/14/2017     Ron Kelly


10/12/2017     Ron Guizado

Justice and Equity

10/07/2017     Todd Perrine

Fasting's Symbolic Meaning

09/30/2017     Ron Guizado

Your Resurrected Body

09/21/2017     Ron Kelly

The Incredible Power of Love

09/16/2017     Carlton Green

Unity or Conformity

08/19/2017     Wayne Mitchell

More than a 911 Call

08/05/2017     Rob Gordon

From Ascension to Pentecost

06/04/2017     Ron Kelly

Never Abandoned, Never Alone

06/03/2017     Wayne Mitchell

The Victory that Overcomes the World

05/13/2017     Carl Parker

A Jewel

04/22/2017     Ron Guizado

Our Only Hope - Christ is Risen From the Dead

04/15/2017     Ron Kelly

The Gospel According to Peter

04/01/2017     John Hopkinson

The Key to Overcome

03/04/2017     Carl Parker

It is A Matter of the Heart of the Matter

02/18/2017     Rob Gordon

I Am

02/11/2017     Greg Williams

Our God is a God of Renewal- Let's Join Him

12/31/2016     Ron Kelly

Celebrating the Greatest Gift- Ever

12/24/2016     Ron Kelly

Who is this Jesus, Born of a Woman

12/10/2016     Ron Kelly

Let the Campaign Begin

12/03/2016     Ron Kelly

The Lord is my Shepherd

11/19/2016     Carlton Green

Jesus- Living Water and the Light of the World

10/22/2016     Ron Kelly

The End of an Era

10/17/2016     Carlton Green

Listening to the Voice of Jesus

10/15/2016     Ron Kelly

The Second Coming, Fact of Fiction?

10/03/2016     Ron Kelly

The Preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ- Why?

10/01/2016     Carl Parker

Crossing the Street to Help My Neighbor

08/13/2016     Tom Melear

Through Much Tribulation

07/23/2016     John Hopkinson

Let Freedom Ring

07/02/2016     Ron Kelly

Where Does Our Energy Come From

06/25/2016     Rob Gordon

David and Absalom

06/18/2016     Ron Kelly

What A Difference A Day Makes

06/12/2016     Ron Kelly

Peter, Paul and James

05/21/2016     Ron Kelly

Pray For Insight

05/14/2016     Carlton Green

My Three Crowns

04/30/2016     Ron Kelly

Joshua, My Favorite Hero

04/16/2016     Ron Kelly

What Time is It?

02/20/2016     Carlton Green

Behold Snapshots of the Son of God

12/19/2015     Ron Kelly

A Fresh View of the Trinity

12/12/2015     Ron Kelly

I'm Thankful For...

11/21/2015     Ron Kelly

High Noon at Antioch

11/14/2015     Ron Kelly

Nehemiah and You

11/07/2015     Ron Kelly

Who Me, A Saint?

10/31/2015     Ron Kelly

Unfolding Revelation... From Adam to Jesus